Sauna, swimming pool, hammam, sun booth

We invite you to visit our sauna to spend time with benefit for the health, enjoy the Finnish and Russian saunas, swim in a swimming pool, and enjoy catching up with friends in a cozy lounge room. Hurry up with booking!

Prior booking is available by phone: 8 (48536) 6-42-55.


Russian sweating-room and Finnish sauna with unique jadeite stones (nephrite) and light therapy.

Swimming pool

2.5 х 6 meters swimming pool (1.6 meters deep) with lighting and wave-making effect, extreme shower, and a cozy lounge room.


Soft and gentle temperature regime and wet steam in a hammam promote full relaxation, regulate your nervous system, and allow you to relax. Steam enriched with eucalyptus oil has powerful antiviral, antibacterial, and anti-inflammatory properties, it also evokes your hidden reserves and activates the inner body defenses.

Hammam (or hamam, Turkish bath) derives from Arabian «ham» which means «hot». A characteristic feature of hammam is its special temperature regime. It is not as hot as a general sweating-room or sauna, and it is an ideal option for those who do not like high temperatures. That’s why the Turkish bath is so popular among women. In Turkey, there are special traditions and rituals connected with hammam’s philosophy, and in the East, it is considered to be a true source of pleasure.


Weekdays and weekends
(4 persons)
(6 persons)
Session Russian Finnish Hammam Russian Finnish Hammam
08:00-09:30 1400 1200 1400 2700 2300 2700
16:00-17:30 1600 1400 1600
Additional person — 150 ₽
Aromatherapy in hammam — 400 ₽
Finnish + hammam — 2500 ₽
Finnish + Russian — 2500 ₽
Additional person — 200 ₽
Aromatherapy in hammam — 400 ₽
Finnish + hammam — 3800 ₽
Finnish + Russian — 3800 ₽

Payment in cash.

Session duration — 1 hour 30 minutes. When ordering two sessions you will get additional 30 minutes for free, 3 sessions — 1 hour for free, 4 sessions — 1 hour 30 min for free.

The price includes:

  • Waffle towel or Turkish loop towel
  • Sauna cap
  • Sauna sheet
  • Flip-flops
  • One special glove for a broom
  • Dish set

At your disposal at an additional cost you are offered:

  • Birch broom
  • Oak broom
  • Shampoo and shower gel
  • Single-use slippers
  • Tea
  • Coffee (3 in 1)
  • Delivery from the restaurant

Solarium and collagenarium with Aquabreeze

Collagenarium is a new method of skin rejuvenation with use of light therapy.

We have new collatan lamps in our solarium. It is a revolution in sun-tan and skin treatment. A specially selected combination of rays gives the best effect on the synthesis of vitamin D, melanin and collagen generation, and overall improvement of skin condition. Visiting our solarium, you can get a smooth chocolate tan and feel the freshness with the Aquabreeze tool. Microspraying of water drops will make you feel comfortable and relaxed as if you were by the sea. Our solarium has an exclusive design with its additional illumination and MP3-player.

Come and get some of your own sunlight. We will be glad to offer our services on taking care of youth, beauty, and good mood. It’s time for sunbathing!


Name Period of validity Minutes Price per minute in a membership card Prices
Membership card 2 months 100 15 1500
Membership card 2 months 50 16 800
Single entry 1 18 18
Name Quantity Prices
Solarium cap 1 10
Covers for nipples and moles 1 10
Goggles 1 200
Natural tan cream "Delikato", 12 ml 1 80
Bronzing effect tan cream "Mocaccino", 12 ml 1 80
Immediate tan cream "Quick Tanning Help", 15 ml 1 80
Immediate tan cream "Dark Mango Nectar", 15 ml 1 80
Light skin cream "Brown Mango Nectar", 15 ml 1 80
Immediate tan cream "Dark Coco Nectar", 15 ml 1 80
Standard tan cream "Sea Tan Energy", 15 ml 1 80


Contact Us

9 Marshala Alekseeva St., Rostov Veliky,
Yaroslavl region, Russia

+7 (48536) 6-42-55
+7 (905) 631-28-88

Arrival and departure time

12:00 – 16:00 on weekdays
14:00 – 16:00 on holidays

till 12:00

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