"Izba" Hall

"Izba" Hall

We invite you to enjoy meals and drinks of the Old Russian cuisine cooked following old established recipes in the restaurant of "Russkoe Podvorie" in Rostov Veliky.

"Izba" Hall of our restaurant is designed as a Russian wooden cottage. It has a big Russian stove with sleeping benches, wooden tables and benches, stoneware, samovar. Tender dim light and Russian folk tunes create a special and unforgettable atmosphere. Our welcoming staff meets the guests in vintage dresses at the entrance.

In our "Izba" Hall you can take a break from everyday life, celebrate your wedding in an old-fashioned way with folklore and rituals of the past, and have fun at the Maslenitsa feast. "Izba" Hall is designed to accommodate 45 persons in comfortable conditions.



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At our restaurant you can enjoy tasty and hearty dishes of the traditional Russian cuisine cooked according to the recipes carefully preserved by assiduous mistresses and their secrets delivered from generation to generation.

In our restaurant menu you can find: selianka (hotchpot), shchi (Russian cabbage soup) with turnip, ukha (fish soup cooked from fresh lake fish), mushroom and chicken broths, "Ushnoye and telnoye" (chopped meat or fish) with milk baked in a jar, beef kupati, and a lot of other tasty dishes. And specially for you, our chef can cook a variety of porridges dressed with honey: Semenukha, Putrya, Guryevskaya, turnip porridge with gooseberry, and others.

For dessert you can order baked "mlini" (pancakes), tasty cheese-and-curd cakes with turnip, apples and honey. Well-liked aged meads (honeyed quass) and boiled hopped meads: Monastyrsky, hopped, rosebay, hydromel, Russian mulled honey drink "Sbiten" will warm up and raise the spirits. And forest tea is a wonderful finishing touch to the meal.

It is simply impossible to pass by our tasty kalaches (small white loafs) and delicious ruddy toasts baked by our kalach bakers in special stoves "kurens". We have a wide choice: curve patties and round loafs, "Khlebalnye and Baibakovskie" pies, four-angled kulebiakas.

In a hall:

  • Number of seats — 45
  • Music


Contact Us

9 Marshala Alekseeva St., Rostov Veliky,
Yaroslavl region, Russia

+7 (48536) 6-42-55
+7 (905) 631-28-88

Arrival and departure time

12:00 – 16:00 on weekdays
14:00 – 16:00 on holidays

till 12:00

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