Welcome to "Russkoe Podvorie" hotel complex!

"Russkoe Podvorie" hotel complex in Rostov Veliky has comfortable rooms, magnificent service and an excellent restaurant.

The hotel is situated 200 kilometers away from Moscow (M8 Kholmgory route) in the historical center of the Golden Ring in the town of Rostov Veliky of the Yaroslavl region, nearby the white-stoned Rostov Veliky Kremlin and Lake Nero.

24-hour reception desk is available at the hotel.

Our guests can visit the Russian cuisine restaurant, order room service, keep fit in the gym and make a sauna reservation as an additional option.

If you want to have a wonderful vacation and go sightseeing, Rostov Veliky is a great choice. Our hotel "Russkoe Podvorie" is the best place to sense the history of Ancient Russia, because the town of Rostov Veliky, where the hotel is located, has soaked the Russian spirit into its every brick.

History of the hotel complex

The main part of the building of our complex is a historical and architectural monument under the name of "The House of Ivan Khlebnikov". It was built by a merchant of Rostov with his own money in 1781 upon the project of Ivan Sukin.

Initially, there were small traders’ shops on the ground floor and living quarters on the first floor. It is the only house in Rostov Veliky that remains faithful to its original appearance, and its open terrace has never been bricked in. Despite the fact that a part of the building was torn down in the middle of the 20th century, its historical value is still significant. A new wing was added to the south side of the building in 2007. The construction was carried out in accordance with its purpose, which is why the new wing meets the most rigorous of requirements imposed on hotels’ buildings.

At the present moment, the restaurant, bar and gym are located on the ground floor, and comfortable rooms are on the first floor.

Officially certified three-star hotel


Contact Us

9 Marshala Alekseeva St., Rostov Veliky,
Yaroslavl region, Russia

+7 (48536) 6-42-55
+7 (905) 631-28-88

Arrival and departure time

12:00 – 16:00 on weekdays
14:00 – 16:00 on holidays

till 12:00

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